The Philip Lynott Therapy and Drugs Counselling Centre has been set up to respond to the needs of the people of Dublin and Bath. The Centre is seen as a vital lifeline to people suffering under the crippling shame of having been raped or sexually abused. It is also a bridge for people who are in the dark grip of narcotic abuse to rebuild their lives.

Both these issues are seen as linked, as a traumatic event will often lead to an individual turning to substance abuse in order to escape the reality of what has happened to them.

Our Centre is in the process of applying for funding in order to establish a physical presence in Dublin. At the moment we are acting as an internet referral service and resource centre for the people of Dublin and Bath and will liaise with other organisations in order to access the various areas for client support.

Our first Philip Lynott anthology Are You Out There? is now available to buy worldwide. Profits from the sale of this book go towards building the centre.